Stock Dog Saves Cell Phone


We have a Border Collie named Switch who came from a sheep ranch outside Yerington, Nevada. He’s a big, rough-coated dog who is fearless when it comes to herding animals ten times his size. But let a horsefly get within twenty feet of him and he runs for his dugout under the porch. Poor guy. Somehow those horseflies find the tender skin under his hind legs and inflict horrible, nasty bites. Switch hates anything that buzzes.

I don’t know if you folks keep your cell phones this long, but my husband has an old relic that just won’t quit. First, its screen went blank. Then the ringer gave out. If he set it on vibrate, and kept it in his pocket, he might catch an incoming call. He limped along like this until one day the phone turned up missing. I helped him look for it. I called his phone and put my ear next to the laundry basket. I listened for it in every room, inside the truck cab, out in the garage. No luck.

Several days went by. We were about to give up and buy a new phone, but we tried calling it one last time. I happened to be looking out the window when Switch dashed from the patio and disappeared. Hmmmmm … I went out the back door and looked around. There sat the phone, on top of the barbecue, buzzing like a fiend.